Not too long ago Netflix stepped into production of original content, and it scored a massive win with House of Cards. This Emmy winning series stars Kevin Spacey as a ruthless Congressman who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and the best thing about it is that Netflix releases all episodes of the season on one day, so fans can binge for as long as they want. Naturally, Netflix subscribers have to pay for the service, but now Comcast subscribers have another way out. Comcast Cable president and CEO revealed today that House of Cards will be available in the Xfinity Store soon.

From the Xfinity Store, Comcast subscribers will be able to buy access to House of Cards without requiring Netflix. Initially only the first season will be available, and it hasn’t been said when the second season, which came out last month, will be added. Orange is the New Black, another acclaimed Netflix original series, will also make its way to the Xfinity Store, albeit on May 13th.

Xfinity Store is quite similar to Netflix and Amazon Instant, launched last November, it lets Comcast subscribers stream movies and TV shows. Its not known right now how much both original series will cost on Xfinity Store.

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