twitch-banYou know the saying – with great power comes great responsibility. I know it sounds particularly corny, hailing from a comic book, but there is truth in it after all. Remember Twitch? Twitch is a gameplay streaming service that will be making its way to the Xbox One this coming March 11th, but for those who want to give it a go, do bear in mind that Xbox One mods can wield their authority and power to ban players permanently who abuse the use of Twitch. In particular, Microsoft intends to lay the smack down on XXX-box streams.

Of course, these Xbox One moderators are able to also introduce a temporary ban instead of a permanent one. It would remain to be seen just how eagle eyed Xbox moderators will be when they are on the lookout for users who abuse the Twitch app. Apart from that, these Xbox One moderators will also be able to disable users from broadcasting over Twitch, without having them being completely banned from Xbox Live.

Twitch’s vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro mentioned, “We are able to quickly remove any inappropriate content that we observe or is flagged by our ever vigilant moderators and users. And we have a close partnership with both Sony and Microsoft regarding moderation processes and teams.”

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