Lock_screen_instagramLock screens for smartphones are usually a pretty boring affair. They’re great if you want to check the time, check whether you have any notifications, launch your camera, or adjust music playback controls.

However what if you could jazz up your lock screen a bit? Wouldn’t that make life a little bit more interesting? Well maybe, maybe not, but the avid Instagram user, you might be pleased to learn that Instagram for Windows Phone recently got an update that includes lock screen support.

What this means is that if you were to enable this feature on your Windows Phone handset, your lock screen on your phone instead of displaying just the time and date, will be able to load photos from your Instagram feed, thus ensuring that your lock screen will look different every time.

However with the feature constantly pulling feeds from your Instagram account, there is a chance that the feature could end up draining more battery than you would like, so that is definitely something worth taking into consideration, but for those who think it’s a non-issue, well you can now look forward to a more colorful and entertaining lock screen.

Instagram for Windows Phone was launched in November 2013 which finally brought the official app onto the Windows Phone platform. Prior to this, there was a lot of back and forth regarding the app’s availability, which also lead to the creation of third-party Instagram apps that attempted to satisfy the cravings of Windows Phone users for the photography-social app.

In the meantime if you’ve already installed the app, hit up the Windows Phone Store where you will be able to download the 0.4 Instagram Beta update for free.

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