After what seemed like forever, Apple has recently released iOS 7.1 to the masses. Granted iOS 7.1 isn’t exactly a super huge update unlike iOS 6 to iOS 7, but apparently it has been deemed important enough where Apple has actually created a page on its website specifically for iOS 7.1.

That being said, iOS 7.1 does bring a host of changes, improvements, and bug fixes to the operating system and if you were wondering what exactly has Apple changed, perhaps a 5 minute walkthrough video might allow you to educate yourself on the new features implemented into the OS.

The video has been put together by the folks at iDeviceHelpus and it takes the viewer through the changes made, as well introducing new features such as CarPlay and the update to Siri amongst other things.

For those who haven’t been following our coverage of iOS 7.1, the update actually makes some aesthetic tweaks to the platform. iOS 7 is already a huge change from iOS 6, but we guess Apple thought that there were additional graphical tweaks that could be made.

This is evidenced in the power off switches and the dialer app, as well as the keyboard app which has been improved slightly as well. We’re not necessarily sure these changes are for the better, but we guess time will tell and we will see how people react to them.

In any case if you have  a few minutes to spare and you’re wondering what awaits you in iOS 7.1 and whether it might be worth upgrading too, despite there not being a jailbreak available for it at the moment, check out the video above.

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