ios7-beta5If there is one advantage that iOS has over Android is that when an update is released, iOS users around the world will be able to update their phone/tablets at the same time, as opposed to having to wait for the OEM to push out the update, and in some instances users might have to wait for carrier approval as well.

Of course this is a different story if you own a Google Nexus device, but the rest of it rings true for the most part. That being said it is understandable why iOS adoption rates tend to be higher when it comes to newer versions and according to the latest numbers, it has been found that 85% of iOS devices checking into the iTunes App Store run on iOS 7.

This means that usage numbers for older version of iOS have also dropped. iOS 6 adoption rate has dropped to 12% and the final 3% are running on iOS 5 or earlier. It’s interesting that iOS 7 is seeing such high adoption rates, especially since there were more than a few who voiced their displeasure of iOS 7 when it was first released.

Many complained about its looks, calling it too bright and too cartoony, and in some instances the parallax effect of the operating system even gave some users motion sickness! However we guess maybe due to the features and also app optimization, many users eventually chose to upgrade to iOS 7, even if they didn’t necessarily enjoy its design. What do you guys think? Any iOS users out there initially resist upgrading to iOS 7 but eventually caved in?

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