parachute-deliveryJust when you thought that we have broken the next barrier in terms of robots helping mankind out with the Amazon Prime Air program, here we are with an “anti-drone” statement that is championed by a pop-up restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. Instead of using drones to deliver food, Jafflechutes has decided to make use of good old fashioned parachutes instead to get the job done.

Why Jafflechutes? Well, it happens to be derived from the name “jaffie”, which is an Australian slang for a toasted sandwich, and when you couple that with the parachutes that do the delivery, here you are with a unique name. Basically, you place an order with Jafflechutes online, with payment handled via PayPal. Whenever your sandwich is ready, all that you need to do is to stand on a chalk “X” on the sidewalk, and wait patiently for your food to arrive, as though you were a participant in the Hunger Games.

Keep your fingers crossed that your sandwich will not end up stuck on a windowsill or awnings on its way down, and hopefully a Good Samaritan will send you your sandwich should it drift off course, thanks to your name been printed on the wrapper itself. It is a crazy idea, and I don’t think that it will end up being successful since a hungry person would obviously want their food quickly and piping hot if possible.

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