The world of wearable computing has certainly moved ahead by leaps and bounds, including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and folks over in Japan do look as though they are also interested in giving this particular device a go to boot. Hiroshima City University staff member Kazuhiro Taniguchi has come up with a new wearable computer prototype that brings back memories of the personal computer that is worn over the ear by Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Her, which was a recent motion picture. This particularly compact PC’s interface will make use of infrared waves so that it can recognize whenever the computer-wearer opens or closes his or her mouth. As these movements occur, there will be corresponding command signals which will be sent to the miniature mechanism.

According to Taniguchi, the Ear Switch sensors as he calls it, could eventually be used to be a device that monitors the health of the user. So far, most of the device’s hardware and technical specifications have remained a “secret”. Not only that, Taniguchi has also experienced his fair share of brickbats considering majority of the Internet’s content remain visual, which is where the Ear Switch does not play to the Internet’s strength. Do you think that the likes of the Ear Switch will make it big eventually?

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