joycarpetWhen is it too early to introduce your baby to the world of consumer electronics? Never I suppose, as you can see how young kids are able to make use of technology despite some experts in the industry claiming that one should not expose kids to stuff like tablets too early in life since it would affect some aspects of their mental development. Still, it did not stop this 2-year old from saving his mom when she was bitten by a dog. Having said that, the JoyCarpet is one for your baby, as it flashes and makes noises in order to help aid your child’s development.

In fact, the JoyCarpet would come fitted with LED lights that will flash in red, blue or green, where it is also capable of playing audio noises that will react to a baby’s touch and movement. This particular concept was thought up of in order to encourage both brain and body development, where it recently took its place as one of the dozen winners of the Lexus Design Award.

It is tipped that prototypes of the JoyCarpet concept are expected to be released later this year, although there is no word on a particular release date and price just yet. The audio noise playback as well as short pieces of music will react to a baby’s touch and movement, which means it encourages them to hang around on the rug and play within its boundaries. Since it is battery powered, there is less risk of having your little one getting all tangled on wires.

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