Metaio has just revealed the latest version of the Junaio Augmented Reality Browser, where it will bring along with it new design, real-time POI visualization and browser interoperability. I suppose you would be able to have full confidence in the product, considering how Metaio is a leading authority in augmented reality software (AR) and solutions. The Junaio AR browser for Android and iOS devices will be available as a free update, where it will sport an updated user interface which boasts of an all-new visualization of nearby points-of-interest (POIs). Thanks to Junaio, one will be able to access GPS and location-based information regardless of where you are at that point in time.


CTO Metaio, Peter Meier, shared, “The more natural we make AR, the more mobile users will see value and return to the experience. It’s clear that the next step for mobile AR is location-based information in devices like Google Glass, and we’re looking to the near future in our R & D.”

Junaio has been specially optimized and will also play nice with wearable devices including Google Glass, and with the friendlier interface and more contemporary style that is familiar to today’s app users, it ought to gain a wider user base in the long run. With the new visualization scheme, one will be presented with the most relevant information all the time.

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