The studio behind Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct, Double Helix Games, was acquired last month by Amazon. Microsoft Studios, the publisher, has now brought a new developer onboard to pick up where Double Helix Games left off. Killer Instinct’s new developer is Iron Galaxy Studios of Divekick fame. The developer’s CEO Dave Lang says that this project is probably the “biggest thing we’ve ever done.” It was also behind Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online Edition, released back in 2011.

Double Helix is still working on the title. Its actually finishing up the first season of content. The much awaited title update has been scheduled for release on April 9th. It will bring the season’s eighth and final character Fulgore, and also adds an Arcade Mode as well as online lobbies which feature eight-player rooms with the option to spectate as well.

The previous developer is also bringing Iron Galaxy up to speed. Lang tells Polygon that 10 of his employees went to Double Helix earlier this month to learn more about the development tools. Killer Instinct has been developed upon the Hex engine, which is the proprietary technology that Double Helix developed.

Lang does say that Iron Galaxy doesn’t intend on changing the game too much, but hasn’t offered any hints as to what new content they might bring in the future.

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