It was not too long after Valentine’s Day when we brought you word that German table tennis (or ping pong) champ as well as the former top player in the world for that sport, Timo Boll, would go up against a one handed robot known as KUKA in a game of table tennis this March 11th. Well, the results have been posted, and Timo Boll managed to eke out a victory. The thing is, the entire deal was an ad, as it depicted how the KUKA robot might not be the best in table tennis, although it is the best in robotics, or at least this is what we are led to believe.

Reasons cited for the non-live streaming of the match would include the movements of both participants being way too fast to be captured on camera at regular running speed. Look out the window – there’s a pig flying, and it does not need a pair of wings, either, as a hoverboard would do nicely. Needless to say, Timo Boll managed to beat the robot in this particular match. All in all, this is a very interesting piece of promotional material, where the video was created to promote the opening of its new robot-building facility in Shanghai, China.

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