lastofus-trailerThe Last of Us, a hit video game in recent memory is about to take the leap to the silver screen, not too long after we discovered that Sony Pictures had already registered the movie domain name. Well, here we are with additional information concerning the upcoming film version of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us – it is said to be an adaptation of the game’s original post-apocalyptic storyline, at least according to creative director Neil Druckmann.

Druckmann mentioned, “It’s an adaptation of the story of The Last of Us. “As far as where we go and how we make it fit into a film, how it takes into account the unique properties of film… We’re not sure yet. We’re only just scratching the surface.”

If one were to peer into the not too distant past, one would see that movies based on video games tend to depart sharply from their source material, such as Mortal Kombat, Mario Bros., as well as Street Fighter. The latest Need for Speed, too, is a no-brainer movie that has plenty of illogical loopholes which would upset pure gearheads. Hopefully the Last of Us, playing close to the source material, will not be a disappointment when it is finally released.

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