When you’re in trouble, like in a car accident, or you’re experiencing some health-related emergency, chances are you will want to reach for your phone and dial 911, right? While that is a good idea, what if there are things that you are unable to tell 911 or describe to them due to a factor of reasons? What if you are lost and can’t tell them where exactly you are?

Enter the Lifesaver iPhone case. As the name implies, this is an iPhone case that is meant to save your life, versus other iPhone cases where the priority is typically the phone itself. That being said, the case when activated will attempt to dial e911, which is an enhanced version of 911 that will be able to accept a variety of multimedia that will aid their efforts at bringing you help.

When the case is activated, your phone’s camera and microphone will automatically begin recording, and your location, your photo, and your physical description will be sent to emergency services. So for example you could make use of the case to help identify your mugger and ping your location immediately to alert the local authorities.

The Lifesaver case is unfortunately only a concept at this point in time, but its creator, Jon Powell, is hoping to make it a reality by launching an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to turn it into an actual product.

According to Powell, the idea for the case was inspired when his 12-year old daughter was involved in a kidnapping attempt. Powell is hoping to raise as much as $100,000 in the next 30 days, but so far it looks like it is progressing rather slowly. If you’d like to learn more, hit up its Indiegogo page for the details or check out the video above.

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