In the past bands would announce upcoming singles or albums by promoting it on radio or television. However given that we now have many ways of entertaining ourselves: smartphones, tablets, social media, and so on, musicians have started to become creative and have adapted to the way we consume content.

Linkin Park is one of those musicians who have embraced technology and have recently released a music video that was created using Microsoft’s Project Spark.

For those wondering about Project Spark, it’s a tool Microsoft launched back in December 2013. It basically allows gamers and developers to create their own games at home on the Xbox console, PCs, and even tablets. Linkin Park did not create the game themselves but they did team up with developers, Team Dakota.

The music video itself is around 7 minutes long and it is an interactive video based on their new single, Guilty All the Same which comes in three acts. The viewer plays as a creature that is racked by guilt as they attempt to escape someplace while it is being destroyed. While interacting with the video, gamers will be able to remix the song as they go along.

Visually it’s not the most impressive and based on the video that we are watching (see video above), it looks more like an endless runner type of game like Temple Run, but it’s still a pretty cool idea nonetheless. The game will be free for download for Xbox and Windows 8.1 gamers, with Linkin Park’s album, The Hunting Party, due for a release on the 14th of June.

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