bluetooth-ringDo you love wearable technology? Well, interactive rings tend to remain in the realm of fantasy although there has been at least one attempt in the past, but who would not want a ring of power such as the one possessed by Sauron or the Green Lantern? Having said that, here we are with Logbar’s Ring device that resembles an ordinary looking silver ring, but when you peel off the various layers behind it, you will find it come jam packed with its fair share of electronics, enabling it to figure out the various finger gestures that you perform while controlling a decent number of devices.

Logbar CEO Takuro Yoshida did provide a rather detailed demonstration of the silver interactive device in San Francisco last year, and for those who are interested in seeing this unique ring become reality it might be time to chip in to Kickstarter’s campaign, helping edge the entire crowdfunding site arrive at its next billion in pledges.

We do wonder whether this particular ring will react when it detects the wearer flipping the bird to someone else out there. The downside to this ring would be the fact that it is not waterproof, so for those who have this obsession with washing their hands all the time after touching anything and everything, you could very well find this to be a particularly huge negative point. As for its internal battery, it is said to be able to perform up to a thousand gestures.

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