Magellan_SmartGPS 5390_2014_LRMagellan has just announced their SmartGPS 5390 cloud connected navigation device, which so happens to be an interesting GPS navigation device that will not only help you find your way to your destination, but it will also integrate social, local and mobile content thanks to Magellan’s revolutionary cloud-enabled Smart Ecosystem, all packed in a sleek and stylish form factor.

The Magellan SmartGPS 5390 would be able to deliver a connected car experience without costing a bomb for what one would normally pay for a premium in-dash infotainment system. Apart from that, it would also help you save time as well as money thanks to its ability to serve up valuable social reviews and offers from Yelp and Foursquare, not to mention real time content including PhantomALERT red-light camera alerts, weather reports, and traffic conditions among others. Seems like a steal considering how you do not need to fork out more dough for a data subscription or data plans.

Expect the SmartGPS 5390 to be accompanied by specially designed iOS and Android SmartGPS apps, where they work together to deliver a comprehensive total solution SmartGPS experience that is not only affordable but truly mobile. Do take into consideration that the apps are available for the iPhone 4S and newer and on most Android devices. The asking price for the SmartGPS 5390 stands at $229.99 a pop.

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