When it comes to describing how good one is at typing, you use metrics such as WPM (words per minute) as well as checking their accuracy. After all anyone can just bang away at their keyboards to get a high WPM, so accuracy is a better reflection at how fast and accurate a typist is.


Now we know there are probably many out there who are able to type really fast and accurate, with their fingers, but how about with their nose? If you had to type out an entire sentence with your nose, how long do you reckon you will take? Well one man in India by the name of Mohammed Khurshid Hussain not only managed to do that, but broke the previous record at the same time!

Apparently there is a Guinness World Records for typing with your nose, with the previous record holder sporting a time of one minute 33 seconds. Hussain’s record, according to The Hindu, was at a speedy 47.44 seconds (the video above shows 48 seconds, we’re not sure what’s with the discrepancy).

Hussain was required to type out the sentence, “Guinness world records have challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time.” This is actually not Hussain’s first time typing with his nose. In fact previously he managed to set the record for being the fastest to type out the entire alphabet, with spaces, with his nose.

We guess we’ve all got our talents, but nose typing is apparently one of Hussain’s. What do you guys think? Do you think you could type as fast, if not faster than Hussain? We bet many of you guys are going to go and try it after reading this!

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