wanted-man-googles-selfI am quite sure that most of us would have Googled ourselves from one point in time to another, either for fun or out of curiosity. Heck, your prospective employer too, might have also done the same on you to figure out just what kind of person you are during your off hours. Apart from that, since we live in a world that has close to 7 billion people, chances are you will also come across Facebook and LinkedIn profiles which are similar to yours, but a Californian man stumbled upon an ugly truth that he was one of California’s most wanted men.

Authorities have cited that Christopher Viatafa stumbled upon a mug shot of himself on a “most wanted website”, especially after he was connected to a shooting that happened in San Leandro on August 8. Apparently, he let his handgun fire a shot into the ground (thankfully) out of anger in the midst of a heated argument at a party. Authorities also claimed that Viatafa fired additional shots before being forced out of the location, and thankfully, no one was injured in the event.

The 27-year old saw his profile on the Northern California Regional Intelligence Centre’s website, where he was wanted for allegedly discharging a firearm toward an uninhabited building. He then proceeded to hand himself in, and has since seen his listing being updated to “captured fugitive”.

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