yergWe’re sure many of you guys read comics from all sorts of publics, like Marvel, DC, and even those of the foreign nature (such as Japanese manga). Now in these comics, since they’re pretty much pictures on a page, character voices and sound effects are something you’ll have to imagine for yourself, or does it?


It seems that Marvel is looking for a way to create a more immersive comic book experience by introducing audio to the digital versions of the comics. For those who read Marvel’s comics via its Marvel Unlimited app, you will be able to check out Marvel’s efforts in Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker.

Issues 8, 9, and 11 through 14 are some of the first few issues that will be part of Marvel’s new efforts at making the comic reading experience more immersive. Apparently this is something that Marvel has been working on for over a year which they are now finally able to bring to the public.

While we have yet to check it out for ourselves, those who have claim that it is actually a pretty good effort by Marvel, an effort which could have crossed the line into cheesiness. Not only will there be audio effects and music, but the sounds will be adaptive as well, meaning that as you move forward in the pages/panels, there will be different sounds, as opposed one continuous soundtrack.

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s comics, perhaps this might be something worth checking out. We have to say that it sounds like a mighty fine idea but we guess only time will tell if comic book readers will be receptive to these new changes. What do you guys think?

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