Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was launched not too long ago and as you might recall based on our earlier report, it was said that the game wasn’t a very long one. In fact it was discovered that gamers could complete the game in around 2 hours if they really put their minds to it.

However it seems that the 2 hour time frame has been beaten considerably by a gamer who has since managed to go and complete it in around 10 minutes! To be fair many gamers who have reviewed the game have managed to complete it in a relatively short amount of time, which has left them begging for more.

The game has since gone on to receive some pretty good reviews but the shortness of the game we guess leaves something to be desired. The folks at Eurogamer have managed to complete it in around 10 minutes and have posted a walkthrough explaining how they managed to achieve this.

If you haven’t played the game then you’d probably want to skip this video since we’re pretty sure it will contain several spoilers. However if you’re not too fussed about the spoilers, go ahead and check it out, although it does run for around 12 minutes so you’ll probably want to get comfortable and get some popcorn ready.

The game’s producer, Hideo Kojima, explained that the game was meant to be replayed and emphasized its replayability, while at the same time acknowledging that it could be kind of short. However he reassured gamers that the game’s sequel, Phantom Pain (Ground Zeroes is actually the prologue to Phantom Pain) would be 200x bigger.

At the same time it has been suggested that Phantom Pain could only see a release in 2015 so if you don’t want to burn through the material too quickly, you might want to take your time with Ground Zeroes and explore all of its subtleties and nuances.

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