metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-painMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be seeing a release on the 18th of March. The game will be the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, although as it stands not much is known about Phantom Pain for now, including its release date which has been estimated to see a release possibly in 2015.

However thanks to an image posted on Konami’s website (via Reddit) has revealed that the game could indeed be making its way into the hands of eager gamers in 2015. The website on Konami’s page is basically the result of a gamer registering their copy of Ground Zeroes, in which the page thanks them for their efforts, and informs them that they can come back in early 2015 to claim their downloadable content.

According to speculation, this downloadable content is said to allow players to use the mercenaries that they have rescued in Ground Zeroes as troops in Phantom Pain, which is why it has been hinted that “early 2015” could be when Phantom Pain might see a release.

Once again this is a rather ambiguous date and we have nothing fixed at the moment, but at least “early 2015” is still something to look forward to. In the meantime gamers can look forward to Phantom Pain being a much larger game than its predecessor, Ground Zeroes.

According to early reviews of Ground Zeroes, it was found that gamers could finish the game in a relatively short period of time. However the game’s producer, Hideo Kojima, reassured gamers that Phantom Pain would be a much larger endeavor which he estimated to be around 200 times larger than Ground Zeroes.

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