delllogo_1Patents can be used for good and for evil. For evil we’ve seen how some companies have leveraged their patents and use them to sue other companies for huge sums of money over something trivial, or at least for those companies to pay them a settlement. At the same time we’ve seen how disruptive patents can be, like in the case of Apple versus Samsung where the legal battles have been waged for a long time already.

Well thankfully Microsoft does not appear to be too interested in long drawn-out legal fights and has recently come to a patent licensing agreement with computer manufacturer Dell. According to the announcement made by Microsoft, “Through the arrangement, Microsoft and Dell have agreed to license each company’s applicable intellectual property related to Android/Chrome OS devices and Xbox gaming consoles.”

The bit about Android and Chrome OS devices are interesting. We’re not sure if this means that Microsoft might have patents that are required by Android and Chrome OS devices, or if Dell has those patents that Microsoft plans on licensing. It does seem a little odd given Microsoft’s “Scroogled” campaigns that they might want to make Chrome OS devices.

In any case according to Dell’s Neil Hand, “Today’s announcement builds on our history of collaborating to bring new technologies to market. The relationship between Dell and Microsoft continues to help Dell deliver choice and flexibility to customers looking for the best technology to meet their needs.”

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