floating-drone-ballI am not quite sure about you, but for most of the time, humanity has had their feed grounded. Yes sir, grounded when we play games, ranging from soccer to football, basketball, and others as the force of gravity helps keep everything and everyone rooted and happy. However, Harry Potter’s fantasy world of wizardry has opened up the imaginations of the masses to Quidditch. A recently invented drone has resurrected the possibility of seeing Quidditch introduced in the real world, thanks to engineer Jun Rekimoto who developed a ball that contains a drone within.

This unique invention allows the ball to “hover”, and it is not a surprise then, that this is called the Hoverball. Apart from floating in mid-air, it is also capable of moving in different directions, changing its course in the blink of an eye. The make up of the ball itself is nothing complex – basically, a micro-quadcopter within the plastic shell gets the job done.

So, this potential golden snitch might raise expectations of a real world Quidditch match in the future, but do bear in mind that there is a far larger engineering problem to solve after that. I am referring to flying broomsticks that are powerful and agile enough to ferry players around, zipping up and about in the sky.

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