nexus-wall-chargerIt is nice to see good things arrive to those who wait, and Google, whose claim to fame happens to be in the search engine department, can be said to have improved by a whole lot when it comes to offering accessories for its Nexus hardware range, at least over in the Google Play Store. Of course, from time to time, there seems to be a delay or so in rolling out those accessories as opposed to the actual devices themselves, but I would suppose that the number of accessories are being built up even as you read this. As for the most recent addition to the Nexus ecosystem in the Play Store, it happens to be an official wall charger.

After all, what is the whole point of having a device if you do not have a charger to go along with it? This Nexus Wall Charger will be compatible with the Nexus 4, 5, 10, as well as both models of Nexus 7. Apart from that, what makes it all the more endearing would be the ability to deliver 9 watts of charging power. That translates to a slightly faster charging time for the handsets, and it remains to be seen whether the charging time for tablets would be affected or not since the Nexus 7 did arrive with a 10W charger right out of the box. It will arrive with a separate USB cable to boot. The asking price? $14.99 plus shipping. Guess going wired is a whole lot more affordable than wireless charging.

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