For first time DSLR owners, the experience can be overwhelming especially since unlike compact cameras and point and shoots, it’s more than just press the shutter release button. There are more subtleties involved in DSLRs and the aspects of photography that regular folks just aren’t aware of.


However Nikon is hoping to clear some of that confusion by releasing a new series of instructional videos that will featured some pretty well-known photographers, including Joe McNally, Corey Rich, and Tamara Lackey. The videos will cover topics such as lighting, action shooting, shooting portraits, and so on.

According to Nikon, the “Nikon Behind the Scene” videos are “dedicated to empowering and entertaining intermediate level photographers by equipping them with the skills they need to take their photography to the next level.”

The videos will be released a little over a week apart from one another, with the first video featuring Joe McNally, and with the last video concluding on the 31st of July which features Tamara Lackey, who is known for her family photography. The full schedule can be found in the press release.

It appears that there will be something for everyone and according to Lisa Baxt, Nikon’s Associate General Manage of Communications, “With this video series and the new community on Google+, Nikon is there to support photographers as they explore visual storytelling and tap into their creative potential.” if you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the first video above for the details.

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