d600The Nikon D600 DSLR which was first announced in September a couple of years ago, has also been marked as discontinued a wee bit more than a year down the road after that. It was a pretty short life cycle, don’t you think so? Well, it seems that there is an issue with which multiple granular black spots happen to be reflected in images shot with the Nikon D600 DSLR, and Nikon has issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to avid shutterbugs who tote the Nikon D600 around.

This is what Nikon shared about the situation, “Because Nikon takes this matter very seriously, we will continue to offer users of the D600 a special service with which cameras are inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, shutter and related components are replaced free of charge, even after the product warranty has expired. However, if a number of multiple granular black spots are still noticeable in images captured with a D600 upon which the above service has been performed several times, Nikon will replace it with a new D600 or an equivalent model.”

Wow, a new D600 or an equivalent model? Too bad Nikon did not mention just which is that particular equivalent model, otherwise it would have been interesting to make certain comparisons in terms of the hardware specifications. [Press Release]

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