No one will ostracize you for not knowing what OnePlus does? Its a nascent company started by several ex-Oppo executives, and it is yet to release its first smartphone. Over the past few months OnePlus has been involved in creating hype for the OnePlus One. It hasn’t revealed anything meaningful or offered a glimpse up till now. Almost every other week it offers breadcrumbs of information, the latest being that OnePlus One is going to support always-on voice commands. A similar feature is already present on the Moto X, so its nothing new.

Motorola released the feature as a standalone app that’s compatible with a few of its smartphones, including the 2013 DROID lineup. There will be a “wake up” command, which would bring the phone to life even if its off. OnePlus is asking people on its official forum to vote for the command they would prefer, and “OK OnePlus” is getting a lot of traction.

As far as the smartphone is concerned, OnePlus has only revealed so much about it. It is going to tout a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 3,100mAh battery and a 5.5 inch full HD display. OnePlus says that its first phone will cost under $400 and that it will be able to rival the best of them on design. But so far, we haven’t seen a leak or render of this elusive phone.

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401 PPI
~$395 - Amazon
13 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
162 g
3100 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon 801 + None
Storage (GB)
16, 64
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