Opera Mini 8 Offers Private Mode, Night Mode, New Looks

Opera Mini, which so happens to be the browser version that casts a glance at older devices which happen to still run on Java-based platforms, has been given an update to bump up the version number to version 8. This is not just new wine in an old wineskin, but rather, it will boast of a restyled look as well as features that deliver the best in your mobile phone. Specially customized to play nice on the Java platform on basic handsets, the Opera Mini caters to more than 250 million monthly users worldwide, where we will check out the improved features right after the jump.

In this fresh new look, one will find an improved Speed Dial start page that sports redesigned tiles. Speed Dial, which is one of Opera Mini’s most popular features, will be able to deliver easy, quick navigation to your favorite sites from hybrid mobile phones. It sports a flat, minimalistic design throughout the browser, offering a hot, new look to one of the most essential programs on your handset so that you can browse in style.

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Apart from that, there is also Night mode, where one is able to browsing the web on a mobile screen as the effects of a bright display are dimmed, using darker colors so that what you see will be easier on your eyes. This can be enabled in the Settings menu. In addition, there is also an improved savings report capability, allowing you to monitor just how much you surf so that those who are on limited data plans can better figure out their surfing habits and make the necessary adjustments.

Last but not least, private mode will not save information in the tabs that were opened, and then closed. This allows you to remain logged in on your main window, as your mate checks on his or her email account in a private tab. [Press Release]

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