mac-pro-appleRemember the other day we reported that while Apple claims the max amount of RAM the Mac Pro can support is 64GB, RAM manufacturer Transcend Information announced 128GB RAM modules anyway?

Transcend priced their RAM modules at a whopping $2,480 which is extremely expensive but if 128GB of RAM is what you absolutely want, you might be interested to learn that another company, OWC, has recently announced their own 128GB RAM modules for slightly cheaper.

OWC’s offering will still tip over the $2,000 range, but it is priced at $2,130 making it $350 cheaper than Transcend’s offering. A savings of $350 is actually pretty substantial, although we guess overall it still makes the RAM pretty expensive.

Like we said earlier, Apple has insisted that the max amount of RAM the Mac Pros can support is 64GB. One of the possible reasonings is due to the limitations of the Intel chipset. Apparently OWC’s RAM modules will be clocked at speeds of 1066MHz, versus smaller RAM modules which can reach speeds of 1866MHz.

However OWC claims that the difference in speed is minimal, but then again Mac Pro users tend to be of the professional variety and if 128GB of RAM is absolutely what they need, perhaps the difference in speed might be very important to them as well.

According to OWC, “While current DRAM device technology limit 32GB modules to a 1066MHz memory clock in the Apple Mac Pro 2013, due to enhanced CAS Performance of OWC MaxRAM 32GB Modules, actual real-world performance is insignificant in low memory need scenarios while offering incredibly significant performance gains in all cases where application use benefits from greater than 64GB of total memory installed.”

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