youtube-copyrightThose who live in the land of the free and home of the brave might be aghast to hear that YouTube is actually banned in some countries, such as China, Iran and Pakistan at one point or another in time? It seems that Pakistan might eventually end its ban on YouTube, a company that is owned by Google, and it also happens to be the world’s most popular video sharing site. The YouTube ban was imposed in September a couple of years ago after Google Inc. refused to remove the highly controversial video, Innocence of Muslims. Considering how the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has already ordered Google to remove the perceived offensive video, it does seem as though there is no longer any more viable standing for Pakistan to continue its ban on YouTube.

This particular ban on YouTube did have a rather severe impact on plenty of Pakistani students, analysts and businesses. In a particular survey that was conducted by the Express Tribune in July last year, it pointed out that approximately 80% of the citizens there wanted the country’s authorities to end the ban. Do you think that the Pakistan government would find another reason to continue its ban on YouTube, or would it just go with the wishes of the people?

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