blackberry-5-700x525According to a rumor we caught wind of back in February, there was talk about BlackBerry working on a device called the “Windermere”. The device itself look pretty standard, although it did have an odd screen aspect ratio, but what made it stand out was the rumors that the keyboard could feature gesture controls.

What this means is that users will be able to swipe on the physical keyboard to perfect certain actions, such as bring up special characters, switch languages, and so on. In any case thanks to a recent leak, it seems like what we might be looking at in the image above could be the display for the BlackBerry Windermere.

There’s no way to confirm this right now, but according to the leak, it alleges that the display in question is a 5-inch display. It also claims that the aspect ratio of the display is 1:1, which like we said with the alleged Windermere leak from February, is a pretty odd choice as far as aspect ratio on phones are concerned.

In fact if anything, the leaked component really does resemble the Windermere, but once again we have no means of confirming whether or not it is the same component, let alone whether or not the Windermere is an actual BlackBerry product that is in the works.

As it stands BlackBerry has announced two new phones: the BlackBerry Z3 which will be destined for the Indonesian market and sport a full touchscreen display, and the BlackBerry Q20 which is apparently a hark back to the good old days and will pack an integrated trackpad along with the familiar tool belt of buttons found on BlackBerry 7 handsets.

There has not been talk about any other phones besides that but at the same time we wouldn’t be surprised if BlackBerry is working on other phones besides the ones mentioned earlier.

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