vita310It goes without saying that any decent hardware manufacturer would want to make sure that their devices run with up to date software most of the time in order to be as efficient as possible. This particular update would deliver some anticipated as well as useful features for the PS Vita, where among them include the ability to show off over 100 applications on the home screen, in addition to a new Calendar application. Basically, the latest update would bump it up to version 3.10 if you haven’t figured it out already.

Imagine being able to see up to 500 applications on the home screen, now that’d be interesting although it might make those of you out there who find it extremely difficult to make a decision even more indecisive. As for the Calendar application that has been thrown into the mix, I am quite sure that it would serve its purpose a whole lot better in setting up gaming events and sessions with your mates, and the beauty is, you can also synchronize this with your Google calendar in order to carry the rest of your appointments with you.

Not only that, one is also able to share one’s favorite events through the innovative use of the Messages and Email applications. Apart from that, the new “Manage Content on Memory Card” option is also introduced, letting you check out the data on your memory card so that it is a whole lot easier to manage what is stashed in there. [Press Release]

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