Do you think that you have grown up in an environment where everything is so convenient, so much so that you are upset when you need to do something by yourself instead of an automated process happening? Sten Corfitsen, an entrepreneur in Sweden, alongside his business partners who happen to be at a company based in Missouri, have stumbled upon the possibility of the next million dollar idea – Robogas. Robogas, in essence, is a fully automated, robotic refueling system which will hopefully feature at a nearby gas station in the future.

Corfitsen shared, “Everybody thinks refueling is just a boring and dirty necessity. Our technical innovation is fast, clean and more efficient than pumping gas the old-fashioned way. And for the retailer, it’s a way to steal customers from your competitor by offering something much more attractive to drivers than a free cup of coffee.”

So far, a prototype of Fuelmatics’ robotic fueling system is undergoing tests as well as a fine tuning session at the Husky Corp. factory near St. Louis. Husky engineers have managed to come up with a special spout that can extend itself into the vehicle’s fuel neck, and initial tests have shown that refueling time could be cut by up to 30% with a robot compared to a human being.

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