Back at CES 2014 earlier this year, Samsung took the wraps off two new tablets: the Galaxy Note Pro and the Galaxy Tab Pro. These are some of Samsung’s higher-end tablets and they come packed with pretty impressive hardware, like powerful processors and high resolution displays.

That being said, it seems that Samsung (naturally) thinks that their tablets are better than the competition and has since released a commercial in which they basically criticize tablets such as the iPad and the Microsoft Surface. The video basically picks apart the tablets and highlights some of their weaknesses which Samsung addresses with the Galaxy Pro series.

For example with the iPad, they criticize the tablet for only being able to task, as opposed to multitask like the Galaxy Pro series of tablets. They also point out that the iPad’s display resolution is lower than that of the Galaxy Tab Pro, which in all honesty is a valid point that Samsung makes.

As for the Microsoft Surface, they point out how the tablet is more like a laptop with a battery dock and the fact that it even uses a mouse. We can see where Samsung is coming with this but at the same time, for users who want a bit more productivity, having a keyboard dock, extra battery, and a mouse can really make life a lot easier and convenient, but at the end of the day it really boils down to user preference.

In some way Samsung has made some valid points for saying that their tablets might be better, but like we said it comes down to user preference at the end of the day. Apple’s iPad has a great ecosystem with the iTunes App Store and might be more familiar to users who have used iOS and preferred iOS in the past. The Surface might appeal more to those who plan to do work on the go and need the extra battery, keyboard, and mouse, but at the same time want the flexibility of having a tablet.

Either way if you have a minute or so to spare, you can check out the ad above for the details. What do you guys think? Did Samsung present some valid points?

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