Galaxy-gear-2-08Back at MWC 2014, Samsung announced a slew of new wearables, with one of them being the Samsung Gear 2 which is the successor to the Galaxy Gear from 2013, although we’re not sure if it could be called a successor since the Galaxy Gear ran on Android while the Gear 2 is powered by Tizen.

In any case both devices are somewhat similar in their functionality, which is basically providing the wearer with the ability to receive notifications from their phone on their wrist. This saves the user time and trouble from having to take their phones from their bags or pockets, and can come in handy when the phone is put on silent as well.

However according to a report from The Korea Herald, it has been suggested that the Gear 2 in South Korea is expected to undergo a refresh in which the refreshed model could be gaining cellular capabilities. What this means is that the Gear 2 could technically be used as a smartphone on its own as opposed to merely being an accessory for smartphones.

The report claims that South Korea’s SK Telecom will be the one to introduce the updated version of the Gear 2. It also suggests that the Gear 2 will be exclusive to South Korea at the start but could make its way into international markets further down the line. Samsung has yet to confirm the report so until we hear from Samsung officially, do take it with a grain of salt for now.

In the meantime what do you guys think? Does the idea of a smartwatch like the Gear 2 with cellular capabilities appeal to you?

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