If you happened to catch the Oscars this past Sunday, or even if you went online after the awards ceremony took place, you might have come across one of the most epic selfies of all times. Never before has there ever been a star studded selfie, and given the fact that Samsung was a major sponsor of the ceremony, obviously it stood the most to gain from it. Captured through a Galaxy Note 3, the selfie tweeted out by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres garnered over three million retweets, breaking all previous records. Samsung is going to match the figure with a $3 million donation to two of the host’s hand picked charities.

It is by no means a small achievement, the selfie surpassed President Obama’s tweet, sent out after securing his second consecutive term, as the most retweeted tweet. A representative for Samsung claims that it wasn’t staged and that it happened “organically,” but to commemorate this achievement it is going to split the $3 million donation between St Jude’s and the Humane Society.

Some might still say that the whole thing could have been whipped up by Samsung’s marketing department, but given the sheer amount of A-listers, I would imagine that it would have had to write quite a few very big cheques. Regardless of how it went down, Samsung undoubtedly scored a social media win.

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