samsung-logoIt does seem as though Samsung is looking to prepare a smart home control interface which will rely on your smart TV’s capabilities to recognize basic hand gestures, which can be directed at the specific objects that you yourself would like to control. For instance, it would enable you to point towards a lamp in order to turn it on (or vice versa), as well as interact with other nearby objects in different methods. It might seem to be an overlap of what Samsung has offered already, which happens to be limited to basic gesture controls on their smart TV.

According to a report from the WSJ, it does seem that Samsung is currently talking to the folks over at VTouch, which happens to be a tech startup which created the gesture control software. This explains just how the “virtual touch” interaction software is able to function as a replacement for on-screen controls as well as manual reports with the finger tip and pointing gestures.

VTouch claims that their technology ought to be able to make their way to TV sets that are shipped by the time 2016 arrives, and if their talks with Samsung goes through, then it would be TV sets from the South Korean consumer electronics giant, no doubt about that.

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