seebrightSony might have revealed Project Morpheus yesterday, and this could very well translate to the beginning of a new era in gaming for the masses. Seebright does look as though they do not want to miss out on this particular opportunity, and has revealed its affordable see-through head-mounted display platform as well as software development kit (SDK). This special interactive platform would rely on innovative optics in order to provide popular smartphone models with an ergonomic headset. The headset itself will be untethered so that it can deliver crisp stereoscopic images and 3-D graphics without having to block the user’s peripheral view, or to hide one’s facial expressions, or even limit mobility.

The headset by Seebright does support augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) which are made possible thanks to see-through swappable eyepieces. Not only that, this particular platform comes with the industry’s first companion wireless controller that can support precise user control, making it ideally suited for both AR and VR.

John Murray, CEO and co-founder of Seebright, shared, “We imagined a head-mounted display that leaves your eyes open to the world around you. With a mix of unique engineering in optics, electronics, software and ergonomics the Seebright Platform enables enhanced reality in both AR and VR, affordable for everyone, accessible anywhere they go.” [Press Release]

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