biodegradableI am quite sure that the regular battery is not on anyone’s list of foods, and it would most probably cause you an acute case of poisoning should you actually opt to eat a battery. However, when it comes to an entirely new range of in vivo electronics that claims to be able to offer healing from within, it is worth sitting up to take notice. Materials scientist John Rogers has come up with a biodegradable, ingestible battery that might just be able to deliver healing from within.

The whole idea lies on having charge electronics embedded in your body via NFC or to make use of kinetic energy that is produced by your heart and lungs. Where the NFC charger is concerned, one would still require the presence of a battery pack under one’s skin, not to mention having to go through some surgery in order to mount energy-harvesters on your organs.

It has been two years since Rogers and his colleagues at the University of Illinois began work on a range of biodegradable electronics. With the development of a biodegradable power source, it translates to in vivo electronics delivering an extremely specialized, instantaneous treatment for your illnesses without causing any kind of untoward injury or harm to your body. The moment there is no more need for treatment, the implanted tech will then dissolve into nothing, without leaving any trace of it behind. Cool, eh?

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