smart-traffic-lightsLondon, one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world, looks set to be the first of its kind to feature smart pedestrian crossings that is capable of detecting just how large a crowd is. This particular technology is being prepared to be introduced in the months ahead, where priority would be given to throngs of people who wait to cross some of the busiest streets in London. Just how will such a smart pedestrian crossing work? Obviously a camera will need to be in play here, where it will sense the build-up of people waiting in a virtual box, where the green light will be extended automatically until the number of people in the virtual box has thinned down.

Pilot testing of the smart pedestrian crossing will begin outside Balham and Tooting Bec Tube stations over the summer, where it has not been ruled out just yet of the possibility of additional testing and implementation being done in the future should this particular scheme end up as a success. Of course, there are ways to extend the use of such technology, including at special events such as major football matches so that crowds can thin out faster, in addition to tourist heavy areas like Oxford Street.

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