spotify-premium-studentsWhich particular business entity sets out to fail on purpose, and intends to run a charity instead without making some profit to keep it going and growing? None, I suppose, and so the same principle of avoiding defeat while attempting to carve a niche out in this highly competitive world has caused Spotify to put on offer a free, shuffle-based version of its music streaming service on both iOS and Android platforms in the past, and Spotify intends to continue in that particular direction by offering college students in the U.S. a 50% discount when one signs up for a new Premium subscription.

This particular offer is supposedly valid for up to just 12 months, and in order to qualify for the steep discount, students are required to furnish essential personal information such as one’s name, birth date, enrollment in an existing institution of higher learning, as well as other documents which have been requested by verification service SheerID. The asking price? From a relatively affordable $9.99 monthly to a dirt cheap $4.99 each month.

Spotify must have smacked their lips in anticipation when they checked out the larger student population in the U.S., identifying it as a crucial demographic for the company’s growth in the future.

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