Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011. He was probably one of the most well known tech geniuses in the entire world. His unorthodox style and dedication to design and simplicity generated a fan following unlike any other. Its safe to say that a Steve Jobs quotes app would have done well, people like quoting him on a variety of topics. One such app, Quoth Steve Jobs, was recently rejected by Apple.

The app was developed by John Gill, who happens to be a developer at Amazon, with his brother Grant. It was supposed to be launched on the App Store marking Jobs’ 59th birthday, however it wasn’t allowed on the App Store. Gill tells re/code that Apple told him to include quotes from other famous personalities as well if he wanted the app to go through, and that they can’t accept any Steve Jobs-themed applications.

Apple’s suggestion went against the entire premise on which this app was built. So Gill decided not to modify it so that it could be launched on the App Store. Instead, Quoth Steve Jobs, now exists as a web app that only provides quotes from the Apple legend. Apple hasn’t commented on this as yet.

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