iwatch-concept-moyano-wristThe problem with wearable technology like Google Glass is that it is very obvious. Granted the design is sleek and elegant, but the fact that there is a tiny computer strapped to your face is a giveaway that this is definitely not your regular pair of glasses, which in some cases might even lead to hostility.

So would it be better if wearable technology like headgear and smartwatches be designed to mimic more regular items? We guess that’s really a question of design, but recently a bunch of iWatch concepts have made their way online and boy do they look good!

Smartwatches tend to sport a futuristic design and we can’t blame manufacturers for that. In fact as a standalone device it looks perfectly fine, but there’s a certain appeal about wearing a classic watch that has been ingrained into us for years that we just can’t shake.

One of the designs (pictured above) has been cooked up by Argentinian design student, Tomas Moyano, where he imagines the iWatch with a more classic and traditional circular face. In fact if you didn’t know any better, you would have thought it was a regular watch.

Interestingly Moyano has done away with a lot of features that smartwatches typically come with, such as ports, buttons, and speakers. The reason he has excluded them is because he has opted for an enclosed design to prevent dust and water from entering.

He also mades a good point that if you’re outside, chances are you might not hear the sounds coming from your watch, which is why he has relied on vibrations for notifications instead. Of course this is only a concept but we have to admit that it is a pretty good one. What do you guys think? Is this a smartwatch you could get on board with?

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