titanfall-ogreWe’re sure many gamers out there have marked their calendars for the 11th of March which is when Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall game will be released. The game will be exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms, meaning that it will arrive on platforms such as the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, and the PC running on Windows.


Depending on the gamer, they might choose to play the game on their consoles or on their computers, and for those who are choosing the latter, you should probably make sure that you have sufficient storage left on your hard drive because according to Respawn Entertainment’s founder, it will take up a fair amount of space.

In a tweet responding to a question from a gamer asking if he should download the game or install it via disc, Vince Zampella was quoted as saying, “about 21GB of download and 48GB installed.” This means that if you were planning on downloading the installation file, you can expect a 21GB download which will eventually take up 48GB of storage on your computer.

Downloading 21GB is definitely no small feat and for gamers who don’t exactly sport the fastest internet speeds, perhaps buying the physical copy of the game might be a quicker way to get your hands on the game. In the meantime Zampella has also reconfirmed that the Xbox One version of the game will take up less than 20GB.

So gamers, are you looking forward to Titanfall? Do you think that the game will be able to reach Halo levels of success for Microsoft?

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