twitter-shareTwitter has come under the spotlight earlier today, where we now know that one is able to tag others in a photo without taking up any of the 140 character limit, not to mention being able to cram in up to four photos per tweet. Having said that, it seems that one of its core features, retweets, have been changed to the “Share” button, a terminology that would most probably be associated to Facebook by most.


Not everyone is able to see this ongoing experiment in action, however, since only a handful of users have caught sight of this substitute share button that has appeared on both iOS as well as Android Twitter apps.

I am not quite sure whether this particular move by Twitter would sit down well with its long time users and fans. After all, if something ain’t broke, try not to fix it. For instance, you would not want to see the Windows Start button being called other things, right? Not only that, many people might equate “Share” with that of Facebook at first glance. Ultimately, it might not even affect Twitter in a negative manner, since those who are going to use it would most probably display the maturity not to dump Twitter’s service for the sake of a word change, right?

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