planeIf you’re an iOS user and you’re planning on making a trip anytime soon with United Airlines, you might be interested to learn that the airline company has recently announced that they will be providing free in-flight movies exclusively to passengers with iOS device.

This new program will roll out next month, so iOS users if you’re planning on flying, you won’t have to bother loading your device up with movies or videos as United Airlines will be providing it for you.

Tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous these days meaning that just about everyone has one. Given that users are able to control the content on their devices, it means that passengers won’t have to rely on the whims of airline companies who will choose what kind of content they play on their in-flight entertainment systems.

For iOS users who wish to take advantage of United Airlines’ service, all they’d have to do is download the United Airlines’ app onto their mobiles and from there, they will be able to stream the content onto their tablets or smartphones. For those who wish to view the content on their laptops, they will also be able to do so via a browser plugin.

Unfortunately for passengers who use mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Phone, well you guys would be out of luck, at least for now. There’s no word on whether United Airlines will eventually bring this feature onto other platforms, but now it appears to be an iOS exclusive.

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