urbanjungleEver wondered how life would be like when the world has run its course, and you alongside a few other hapless folk happen to be the last inhabitants left? Buildings end up as temporary homes as the lack of maintenance start to show, and nature takes over the man-made landscape inch by inch, starting with creepers. Well, instead of using your vivid imagination to get the job done, how about letting a computer app help you along? Urban Jungle Street View would make use of the Google Maps interactive Street View system, as it decorates everything to make it look as though no human has trudged through the area for years.

This particular website was designed by Einar Öberg, where it functioned as an experiment that relies on the depth data used in Google Street View. With such values in place, he managed to plot green grass and trees on the road, in addition to having ivy creep up on building sides while hanging from utility wires so that nature looks as “natural” as possible, pardon the pun. I would suppose that the effect would be a whole lot more pronounced when you use it in tandem with city centers as opposed to the outskirts of town.

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