If you’re a fan of documentaries, MOBAs, or Valve’s DotA 2, you might be interested to learn that after what seems like a pretty long tease and wait, Valve has officially released its Free To Play documentary.

For those hearing about it for the first time, Free To Play is basically a documentary covering DotA 2 and will follow three top DotA 2 professional gamers through their DotA 2: The International 3 journey, where viewers will be able to see what it might be like living life as a professional gamer.

If you’ve ever wanted to compete on a professional level, perhaps this is one documentary you should check out to better understand what it takes to become a pro and compete for a million dollars in prize money. The documentary itself will be free to watch and runs for over an hour, so you best get comfy, get some popcorn ready, and enjoy!

Now for those who feel the need to donate some money towards Valve for their efforts, Valve will be offering a Free To Play Competitor’s Pack priced at $23.97 which will feature a bunch of downloadable content for DotA 2 and some of its heroes. 25% of the profits made from the Competitor Pack will go towards the professionals in the film as well as contributors.

In the meantime for those who have already seen the documentary, what do you guys think of it? Did Valve do a good job at creating the film, and would you like to see more efforts like this from Valve in the future?

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