vega-edgeI know that many of us do want to do our part for the earth so that the next generation has a planet that is worth living on. Some of us take public transport to avoid getting caught in a traffic jam, while others prefer to cycle if the distance is not too far. However, cyclists might get bullied from time to time by motorists, and their visibility is not the best either. This has led Angela Mackey and Kate Hartman to work on a stylish wearable and programmable light for cyclists, calling it the Vega Edge.

It is somewhat similar in principle to an illuminated piece of clothing, as the Vega Edge happens to deliver a fashionable take on safety clothing. It is fully hackable so to speak, being Arduino-based and can be reprogrammed according to your whim and fancy with any light pattern or behavior.

The Vega Edge will arrive in a couple of shapes – a trapezoidal and rectangular design, where it is made out of a pebbled leather. The standard design will cost $50 for the first 200 supporters on Kickstarter as it arrives in a trapezoid shape, black leather and white lights. Thanks to a bunch of magnets, users can clip it anywhere they like, from the lapel on their coat to their messenger bag. It will be powered by a 2032 coin cell that should carry enough juice for 20 hours of non-stop LED use.

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