netflix-logoIt does seem that the video streaming market has grown by leaps and bounds in the UK ever since it was introduced, so much so that the powers-that-be are taking video streaming services into consideration in order to help them calculate existing inflation rates. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), both Netflix as well as Amazon Instant Video are now part to the UK’s “basket of goods,” which will then be used to measure consumers’ love for the latest movies as well as TV series each week in order to better represent how folks are spending their hard earned cash.

With a growing and thriving video streaming market, there has to be a loser as well – and that would be the move away from the physical medium. In other words, the disc-based market ought to see its market share drop, which is why the UK regulatory body has decided to ditch DVD recorders and instead replace them with the likes of digital TV recorders (DVRs), where among them include Sky+, Virgin Media TiVo and YouView boxes.

Not only that, interchangeable lens cameras (Micro Four Thirds systems included) are also now part of the mix for the first time, showing the world again how smartphone technology has grown to affect sales of point-and-shoot digital cameras.

The ONS also has other new additions to keep video streaming services company, including flavored milk, mixer drinks, fruit snack pots and honey, men’s clothing hire, canvas shoes and necklaces. [Press Release]

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